Tuesday, August 28

...meet the grandparents

Grandma Hyde was the first to get her hands on him. Her and Grandpa Hyde were at the hospital when he was born.
Susan and Wayne came to visit at our house when he was almost brand new. They both think he is pretty cute.

 Vickie and Richard gave it a week or two before they came to see our new bundle. He curled up so nice and sweet on Grandma's chest and she loved that newborn snuggle.
It was funny to hear Pappy Free talk baby-talk and he loved to try to get a reaction from the little guy. I love this three generation picture - It's scary how much they all look alike.

One thing is for sure - You are loved and adored Mr.Denym!

...Stroll in the Park

I am so glad I had a Spring baby. Why? Because after those first few weeks, this Mommy really needed to get outside!

On a Sunday afternoon at the end of May
 we went to Porter Park to play
Not just two - now a family of three
strolled the path leisurely

The weather was clear and oh so nice
But a few times around would have to suffice
Mom still waddled, not used to her bootie
So Dad took over stroller duty

Then off to find a quiet bench
the tiny humans thirst to quench
He was soon happy as a clam
but puked on Dad, the little ham

All enjoyed the fresh air and breeze
Jake used the leaves to annoy and tease
Ness wants some ice if you please
Denym liked the sun through the trees

Who could really ask for more
 Bliss was as simple as being outdoors
I found my pep and renewal therein
what an awesome jaunt this had been

...receive a name and a blessing

Wearing a perfect little suit, made from Mom's wedding dress, Denym was blessed by Daddy on July 1st.  At nearly 2 months old, it was nice for him to finally be "official."
If only words could convey how I feel when I see this grin! Or how it feels to see him experience his first ordinance. I tried to write a little poem for the occasion

Dressed in white this special day,
to receive a blessing and a name
Held by those set apart
The sacred sight warms our hearts

First, your Heavenly Father's son
Now entrusted to us, little one
We hope to be both firm and wise
To see things through your blameless eyes

Welcome to this bittersweet world
the mysteries of life soon unfurled  
Innocence, may you never outgrow
Let it be joy and truths you'll know. 

Wednesday, August 1


Well, of course he poops. I just never knew the extent of which he would do so. So here is a fun story about poop--

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood (a beautiful day for a neighbor...) and I get a phonecall from Jake. He is on his way home from work and just called to ask if I needed anything at the store. "Nope," I say "all is well at the home front."

Well a few seconds after I hang up the phone I hear Denym let a pretty substantial toot. It sounds productive, so I go to change him and it's really not too bad. But then the curse of boys... here comes the fountain! I tried to contain it, but he sprayed himself in the face and is now laying in a little puddle. Sigh. This was nothing new, so I had developed a good system to take care of this particular problem.

As I lift his legs to wipe his back, he really decided to let 'er rip! I was holding the bum at about a 45 degree angle and out comes an onslaught of poo! It splattered the side of the bassinet, but didn't stop there. It got on Mommy, on the blanket behind Mommy, and on the rug behind that! That boy has some range. Not only that - I was taking an iron supplement at the time which made his goo green.

I hear the back door open, and I yell "HELP!" Daddy came in to find me in this pickle, and says "what did you do!?" We commenced cleaning, and laughed our bums off; Because what else can you do at that point?

Oh yeah... this is his poop face:
Furrowed brows, serious eyes, flared nostrils, and stiff upper lip.

Tuesday, July 31

...strike a pose

At just 8 days old, Denym had his first photo shoot. A good friend of mine from high-school now has a photography business and takes amazing photos. She gave me a great deal on a session that I just couldn't pass up. Jake gave in because I asked if it could be my first Mother's Day present.(along with some dove chocolate and a totally awesome towel...)
 He was not very cooperative. I fed him twice while where there there trying to get him to be calm and sleepy. I guess it was all just too new and weird for him,  but she still managed to get lots of great shots. 
He opened his eyes just a few times.

 Some of my very favorite ones were while Jake and I were trying to pacify him.   
 And she had some fantastic props - mini leather chair for the win!
This is my family. I am so glad I ventured out to get these done while he was still brand new.
To see more of this photo shoot click here.

...make a grand entrance

Friday, May 4th, I awoke around 6:00 a.m. with some beastly contractions."This has got to be it," I thought. I was excited. My mind ran away with me as I made sure my hospital bag was packed, threw in a load of laundry, woke up Jake, and jumped in the shower.

Jake went to work, but my little sister was there to help me with all the odds and ends. It was an intense morning for me as I tried to get ready between contractions. But I finally gave up, braided my hair wet, and called Jake with an urgency in my voice saying, "It's time to go!"

We left for the hospital about a quarter to nine and he wheeled me into the LDR about 9:30. Upon arrival the nurse checked things out and announced that I was already dilated to an 8! Apparently I had waited a bit too long to go in.
With the help of the Hypnobabies program, the birthing ball, the nurses, ShaNae, and my seriously studly husband, I labored until noon. Another 45 minutes of pushing and our little boy was born!
Denym General Free born at 1:12 p.m. 
6 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long.
The nurses brought him back to me and lay him on my chest while Jake spread the word via text message. I cuddled this little person close and I whispered "His name is Denym." Then immediately looked up at Daddy and corrected myself - "Can his name be Denym?" I got an agreeable nod.
In the days that followed we learned so much about our new tiny human. At the hospital, he got his first diaper change, his first bath, and the usual battery of tests done to make sure all was well. Mom rested up those two nights, while Dad took on the brunt of the new challenges.

Denym, when we finally got you home it was so good to have you safely there with us. We were in a continual state of awe as we held you and studied your itty-bitty features. It was a smidge overwhelming to know that we were now soley responsible for your well-being, but we are so grateful for the chance. We can't believe you are ours; A head full of black hair, squinty curious eyes, a dimple in your ear, and oh how we love you Denym. I will be forever grateful for the experience of your birth, my bugaboo. Because of you, I know I am strong and can do anything. I want so many things for you - Most of all, that you will find the person inside of you that God intends for you to be.

Welcome to the world little man - we love you fiercely! 

...take over the guest room

As I contemplated how to transform our guest room into a nursery, I had to take into consideration the fact that we might be selling our house in the near future. I figured I should probably not go too crazy with colors and decor that others might not appreciate. So I decided to go with a brown/tan color scheme. We painted one wall a rich dark brown, and it looks great as an accent wall, while the other three walls are cream.
A cousin of mine graciously made the vinyl quote for me of the scripture Matthew 19:14 "But Jesus said, suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; For of such is the kingdom of heaven."
I wanted the room to be peaceful and kind of a quiet getaway - because I knew I would be spending a lot of time there. I incorporated pictures of Christ with children throughout the room - most of them in Sepia.  I made these picture frames to match each other and bring a fun crafty element into it.
There are so many PERFECT pictures out there that depict Christ interacting with little ones, but I finally settled on this one because it was a little boy, and because I thought it would help me remember to smile during 3am feedings and diaper changes.
 And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him. ~ Luke 2:40

This last piece is called "The Grace of God" by Jay Bryant Ward. I bought a pretty good sized print, because it really touched me. At first glance you assume it is Christ teaching a little boy to pray --- but actually, the artist intended this to be an image of Joseph with Jesus. I just thought it was really neat.

We have so many hopes and dreams for our little man; both spiritual and temporal. All these pictures help me to remember how precious his little soul is, and how important it is that we teach him to be a good person. If we are blessed with more children, my plan is to buy a similar piece of artwork  for each one when they are born.- and it will be theirs to take when they leave the house.

Hope you like your new room baby free! It's ready and awaiting your arrival!