Tuesday, August 28

...Stroll in the Park

I am so glad I had a Spring baby. Why? Because after those first few weeks, this Mommy really needed to get outside!

On a Sunday afternoon at the end of May
 we went to Porter Park to play
Not just two - now a family of three
strolled the path leisurely

The weather was clear and oh so nice
But a few times around would have to suffice
Mom still waddled, not used to her bootie
So Dad took over stroller duty

Then off to find a quiet bench
the tiny humans thirst to quench
He was soon happy as a clam
but puked on Dad, the little ham

All enjoyed the fresh air and breeze
Jake used the leaves to annoy and tease
Ness wants some ice if you please
Denym liked the sun through the trees

Who could really ask for more
 Bliss was as simple as being outdoors
I found my pep and renewal therein
what an awesome jaunt this had been

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