Wednesday, August 1


Well, of course he poops. I just never knew the extent of which he would do so. So here is a fun story about poop--

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood (a beautiful day for a neighbor...) and I get a phonecall from Jake. He is on his way home from work and just called to ask if I needed anything at the store. "Nope," I say "all is well at the home front."

Well a few seconds after I hang up the phone I hear Denym let a pretty substantial toot. It sounds productive, so I go to change him and it's really not too bad. But then the curse of boys... here comes the fountain! I tried to contain it, but he sprayed himself in the face and is now laying in a little puddle. Sigh. This was nothing new, so I had developed a good system to take care of this particular problem.

As I lift his legs to wipe his back, he really decided to let 'er rip! I was holding the bum at about a 45 degree angle and out comes an onslaught of poo! It splattered the side of the bassinet, but didn't stop there. It got on Mommy, on the blanket behind Mommy, and on the rug behind that! That boy has some range. Not only that - I was taking an iron supplement at the time which made his goo green.

I hear the back door open, and I yell "HELP!" Daddy came in to find me in this pickle, and says "what did you do!?" We commenced cleaning, and laughed our bums off; Because what else can you do at that point?

Oh yeah... this is his poop face:
Furrowed brows, serious eyes, flared nostrils, and stiff upper lip.

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