Tuesday, July 31

...strike a pose

At just 8 days old, Denym had his first photo shoot. A good friend of mine from high-school now has a photography business and takes amazing photos. She gave me a great deal on a session that I just couldn't pass up. Jake gave in because I asked if it could be my first Mother's Day present.(along with some dove chocolate and a totally awesome towel...)
 He was not very cooperative. I fed him twice while where there there trying to get him to be calm and sleepy. I guess it was all just too new and weird for him,  but she still managed to get lots of great shots. 
He opened his eyes just a few times.

 Some of my very favorite ones were while Jake and I were trying to pacify him.   
 And she had some fantastic props - mini leather chair for the win!
This is my family. I am so glad I ventured out to get these done while he was still brand new.
To see more of this photo shoot click here.

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