Tuesday, August 28

...receive a name and a blessing

Wearing a perfect little suit, made from Mom's wedding dress, Denym was blessed by Daddy on July 1st.  At nearly 2 months old, it was nice for him to finally be "official."
If only words could convey how I feel when I see this grin! Or how it feels to see him experience his first ordinance. I tried to write a little poem for the occasion

Dressed in white this special day,
to receive a blessing and a name
Held by those set apart
The sacred sight warms our hearts

First, your Heavenly Father's son
Now entrusted to us, little one
We hope to be both firm and wise
To see things through your blameless eyes

Welcome to this bittersweet world
the mysteries of life soon unfurled  
Innocence, may you never outgrow
Let it be joy and truths you'll know. 

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