Tuesday, February 7

....upsets mommy's tummy

Feeling the nausea this first week in September.

Oh little one, this part of your development is a little (a lot) miserable for your mommy. Although, I look at the sickies as a good sign because it means you are there.

I have a hard time finding things to eat, but while I am eating is when I feel better. I love love ice! Next to Daddy, ice is definitely my best friend.

I have actually lost a few pounds due to being queasy. It gets pretty rough at times. I even had to make a trip to the hospital to get a rehydration I.V. as well as some antibiotics for possible infection.

I avoid car rides at all costs, but try to get outside and at least get some fresh air each day. Exercising at this point is out of the question and it makes me a little stir crazy. But  I have been reading a bit and learning a lot. 

I sleep excessively and feel like a blob - but I am mostly so grateful to have made it past the 8 week mark without any known problems.

Thanks Jake, for taking such good care of me.

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