Tuesday, February 7

... makes his existence known!

On the morning of September 6th, 2011 I took an at home pregnancy test:

When I saw the results, I was ready to burst! All sorts of Happy, Scary, Nervous, Grateful, Crazy Emotion!

 I waited until Jake got home from work to tell him. We recently bought him a smart phone and we had enjoyed playing games on it for the last week  So, that night I asked him if I could steal it and play Scrabble for a while. I played and played until I could finally spell the word PREGNANT. Then I left the game up on his screen.
I wasn't very patient though, and it was taking him too long, so I pointed it out. He thought it was clever when he saw it and seemed excited with a pleasant little smile on his face. 

I know that we have been so blessed and that God agrees with our timing. I am overwhelmed at times, but I trust that everything will be okay.

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